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King’s Lynn DMC Newsletter

Welcome to the April newsletter.
This is my first report as Chairman of the club and I am really looking forward to the year ahead and the events that the club are organising or involved in. I would like to thank Mark Banham for his hard work as Chairman over the past few years and his involvement in all aspects of the club from stage rallying to the monthly 12 cars. He will definitely be a hard act to follow as he has left the club in a very strong position with a healthy membership and well supported events.
As well as myself changing roles within the committee at the AGM, there were also several other changes and additions that I feel will help push the club forward over the next year. I would like to welcome Chris Daykin back onto the committee as Vice Chairman after a spell away and Helen Haylock as club Treasurer. Two additional members, Matthew Smalley and Marc Sheffield, were also voted onto the committee in non-portfolio positions.

I am keen for us as a club and a committee to set some goals of what we want to achieve over the next 12 months, whether this be organising specific events such as Targa or Stages rallies or putting on more social events throughout the year. As members, are there new types of competition that you would like to see or events that you would like to see return to our calendar? If so then please contact a member of the committee and put your idea forward. After all it is your club and I want to make sure that we are doing things that our membership want to support, organise and be part of.

Last month saw the March Hare 12 car rally return in the form of the Chris More Memorial Rally. This competition between KLDMC and SCCON being run this year in memory of Chris More, who was a popular member of both clubs and who’s idea it was originally to run this competition. Chris sadly passed away last year but the event and the spirit in which it was competed was a fitting memory of his contribution to both KLDMC and SCCON. Congratulations go to Bob Baker and Brian Cammack who won the event overall and also helped to secure the March Hare trophy for KLDMC. Although Paul Haylock and myself competed on the event, our evening was not such a success after spending most of the night struggling with non-existent brakes and having a fuel leak when leaving the finish venue. Thanks go to David Smalley and Mark Banham for organising a great event which took us down some really good roads and with challenging navigation to go with them. All the marshals on the night deserved a medal for standing out in the pouring rain and the food at the finish, supplied by Marc Sheffield and family was a very welcome sight after a long wet night.

Coming up this month we have our final 12 car rally before the summer break, organised by Dave and June Pollard and starting at Shouldham Bowls club on Wednesday 11th April. It looks like they have a few entries already but as always if anyone is available to marshal then please get in touch with Dave and June.
The Corbeau seats rally taking place on 22nd April is fast approaching and a short piece on Look East last week showed that the event has the full backing of the local council after some kick back from a few local residents. The seeded entry list looks competitive and includes a few crews from KLDMC. If you want to marshal, I believe they are still after more people so follow the link below to register. KLDMC have been asked to man the start of Stage 1 which is great and also Mark Banham is going to be the Deputy Stage Commander.

The details have been sent out for the Classic Rally on 8th July which starts at Anglia Car Auctions in Kings Lynn. Lunch is being held at Hockwold Hall and then the finish will be at Kentwell Hall. I am sure this event will be as well supported as it has been in previous years so save the date in your diary as it is always a great day out. I am sure the organising team will be in touch regarding marshals but if you are available and would like to help then please get in touch with Adrian Cunnington or Steve Tilburn.

If you would like some club clothing then please get in touch with Double G clothing in Kings Lynn. They have the club logo on file and can put it on any garment. The easiest way to do this is for anybody who would like something can go to Double G and order and pay for their clothing themselves. Double G’s number is 01553 777635. Here is a selection of clothing:

UC101 polo shirt £6.40 each + VAT
KK702 ladies shirt £15.60 each + VAT
KK105 mens shirt £17.65 each + VAT
KK701 ladies shirt £15.40 each + VAT
UC106 ladies polo shirt £6.40 each + VAT
Softshell jacket £25.50 each + VAT
B45 turn-up beanie hat £4.15 each + VAT
UC203 sweatshirt £8.05 each + VAT
UC601 fleece £12.25 each + VAT


11th April – 12 Car – Shouldham – Dave Pollard
22nd April – Stages Rally – Clacton Corbeau Seats Rally – See link above
2nd May – Gymkhana – Eastmoor – Nick Way
6th June – Gymkhana – Eastmoor – Ed Haylock
4th July – Gymkhana – Eastmoor – David Smalley
8th July – Classic Rally – Anglia Car Auctions – Adrian Cunnington
15th August – Gymkhana – Terrington – Dave Pollard

Ed Haylock
Chairman KLDMC

RAM 12 Car Report

Second round of the Club Night and the On Road Championships, the ‘Richard Archer Memorial Rally’, organised by Brian & Bob, starting from the Anvil Public House in Congham, on the menu sixty-ish miles of very slippery roads on 132.
Nice easy start with a simple herringbone out of the pub car park, circuit of Roydon to TC2 in Fowlers Plantation, always good to have a straight forward start although it was soon obvious that minutes would be precious as even with a large amount of fast yellow we were still a minute down. Grid line crossings to TC3 north of Flitcham and another minute gone on another straight forward section. Grid line avoids to TC4 west of Houghton, minor excitement on this section as Hugh managed a straight on at T as he ‘rolled up’ to the first junction while I was plotting, fortunately saved by the white, and then a missed the slot right to the east of Anmer, three minutes dropped at TC4 with the wrong slot accounting for one of them.
Coded junction instructions to TC5 in Harpley Dams, navigation sorted reasonably quickly but time for another classic driver own goal, turning left onto the A149 got the OK from Hugh that he knew where we were and knew exactly where the as map triangle back towards Harpley was, so left him to it while I tried to make sense of a TR in the middle of Harpley when I was expecting a TL, well we were on the outskirts of East Rudham when I realised all was not well, back on the correct route we were caught by Robert and Jonathan just before being submerged in a deep and icy puddle of pig sh*t, my preference is to let cars pass but decided not to as I had a feeling every second was going to be needed and we were almost in the control, two minutes dropped on this one, all down to the wrong slot. More grid lines to the pre-plotted TC6 at West Rudham, easy section having let Robert & Jonathan past opted to let them show us the way.
Coded grid of clock face junction instructions to TC7 east of East Rudham. Not one for the optically challenged navigators, failed to spot the sneaky ‘Bb’ in the third instruction resulting in a missed triangle and a ten minute bonus. In my defence I did see the Δ in the middle of the grid and while having a second hunt through the instructions missed the slot left in GS8229 and another minute gone! Grid square departs to TC8 south of Shereford and the end of time card 1. Another two minutes dropped here, but all down to the geriatric in the left hand seat. Seven sections gone and ten minutes of lateness gone, things were looking OK-ish.
Via three cross roads to TC9 west of West Raynham and the wheels began to wobble. Sat for ages at the first junction looking for a board on the double triangle, then looked for the trick, then opted to follow Paul & Matthew. No need for mensa navigation, all you need is a triangle with no board and I’m done for. So far we’d sort of been going generally in the correct direction, not any more, followed Paul & Matthew into West Raynham then decided to try a different route, why? Came across John & David doing some plotting for the next section so turned round and back to the original route and six minutes gone, just like that! Quite cleverly coded grid squares to TC10 east of Whissonsett and the wheels were now very loose. Navigation was fine, just a senior moment towards the end of the section and a serious wrong slot as we met Robert & Jonathan travelling in the correct direction, another six minutes and things were no longer looking OK-ish with only eight minutes of lateness left and another two envelopes and four sections to go.
Coded spot heights to TC11 to the west of Tittleshall and finally a clean section. One envelope left and the puff left my sails, grid references to TC13 to the east of Great Massingham via TC12, I hate grid references. Got them down reasonably rapidly, for me, with most of them plotted correctly but another six minutes gone, not helped by a bit of reversing to pick up the triangle in GS8620 that I had forgotten to call. Nightmare in Weasenham All Saints as a mis-plot had us in danger of disappearing up our own exhaust, we were very fortunate to make it to TC13 on our last minute. All that was left was a run back to the pub. Expectations were not high, although I felt we had brightened up the evening for the crews that had come across us travelling in opposite directions, I was fairly confident if there was an award for most miles covered then we would be in with a shout.
Pleasantly surprised when our names were last out of the hat and Hugh was very happy to receive the rather spectacular trophy presented by Dave. Thanks to Brian, Bob, all the marshals and everyone who made it an evening to remember.

Corbeau Seats Clacton Rally – Sunday 22nd April

Corbeau Seats Clacton Rally -Sunday 22nd April

If you intend to marshal on the above rally, please note the following information below. If you are satisfied that you comply with the requirements, and you have not done so already, please register as a marshal with the event at the link below. (and state that you wish to be with KLDMC group) Once you have registered please let Mark Banham know ( that you intend to marshal, even if you have done so already, as we need to confirm the names of everyone to the event organisers.

For this event ALL marshals are required to hold a 2018 MSA Marshal registration before attending the event. Since 2017, online training and accreditation is compulsory for new/first-time rally marshals.


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Stag Night Rally 2018

Winning car – Ed & Paul Haylock


Stag Night Results Grid 2018

The start of the Club Night and the On Road Championships one again started with Paul and Mathew Smalley’s ‘Stag Night Rally,’ starting from the Stag Public House in West Acre.
As is the normal these days with the clubs navigational events, Paul and Mathew had a full entry and a full complement of marshals.
Edward and I started at car three. Ahead of us were nine handouts to solve and get on to maps 132 and 144. It always makes it interesting when trying to work more than one map!
The first two handouts looked fairly straight forward but right from the start several crews were struggling to get the correct route! The third handout was a circular herringbone showing coloured roads only. Usually this would be quite easy to sort out but with no crossroads for easy reference, this was probably one of the hardest herringbones I have had to crack! I managed to get the correct route on the map and a very twisty and torturous route took us to TC4.
The next four handouts were not too bad to sort out but the last one to the finish control was coloured junctions. This was split between the two maps and I struggled to solve it but got there in the end, just getting to the control on time.
Edward drove well, and for once I got the route on the maps reasonable quickly.
Many thanks to the Marshals who are essential and to Paul and Mathew for a very testing evening! It was also nice to see Bob out taking photo’s. Cheers Bob.

Paul Haylock