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Our 40th Annual Classic Car Rally


The date for our 40th Annual Classic Car Rally, kindly sponsored by Anglia Car Auctions, is Sunday 23 July 2017. Regulations are now available: please click on the link above to download. Please note that entries will close on Wednesday 5th July without fail.

This year’s event will be known as the Ivan Cunnington Memorial Run in memory of Ivan who ran the event for 38 years. The event will be run in aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

As it will be the 40th event, we have decided to start the Rally from the Tuesday Market Place in King’s Lynn, as we did for the 25th Run back in 2002.

The lunch halt will be at the Barnham Broom Hotel and we will be finishing this year at a new venue, Creake Abbey.

81 entries received to date including:

T Cook 1928 Riley
T Sprosson 1928 Ford
R Elliott 1935 Austin
B Riches 1936 Fraser Nash
N Smith 1936 Ford
A & L Gidley 1953 Riley
N Williams 1953 Austin Healey
R Fountain 1954 Austin Healey
D Sutton 1954 Bentley
A Cunnington 1955 Bristol
T Hipperson 1955 Riley
A & P Longmate 1957 Jaguar
R Ludlow 1958 MG
J Groom 1958 Sunbeam
P Foster 1959 Standard
G Dale 1960 Jaguar
C Ross 1960 Jaguar
N Challacombe 1962 Bristol
M & D Russell 1962 Triumph
B Patmore 1963 Riley
A Burgess 1964 Rover
B & L Aistrup 1964 Triumph
M & G Beauchamp 1964 Morris
P Connor 1965 Jaguar
K Howard 1965 MG
C & J Bos 1966 Austin Healey
D Murton 1966 Sunbeam
S Collins 1967 Alfa Romeo
A Burbridge 1967 Morris
A Beesley 1967 Lotus
J Penny 1967 Lotus
D Pattrick 1967 Triumph
A Stephenson 1968 Jaguar
J Oram 1968 Triumph
D Mead 1968 Ford
M & M Seppings 1968 Daimler
G Boulton 1969 Lotus
D Fisher 1970 Jaguar
A & J Aistrup 1970 Volkswagen
S Waight 1970 Rover
B Goderson 1971 Lotus
P Compton 1971 Triumph
J Ewer 1972 Triumph
N & K Beeson 1972 Triumph
M Pelling 1972 MG
D & C Shaw 1973 Rolls Royce
M Vawser 1973 Triumph
C & G Street 1973 Triumph
S & L Harvey 1973 Triumph
C Shallice 1974 MG
H Haylock 1974 MG
C Godfrey 1974 Jaguar
G Glover 1975 Ford
D Bowman 1975 Ford
B Knight 1975 Triumph
M Giles 1977 Ford
N Jervis 1978 Suffolk
J & P Read 1981 Lancia
N Ashurst 1980 Ferrari
A Letch 1980 Porsche
P Taylor 1980 Rolls Royce
N Daubney 1981 MG
V Wells 1982 Mercedes
R Bucke 1985 Volkswagen
A Bucke 1985 Austin
C Sutton 1987 Ferrari
B Lee 1987 Mercedes
N Mann 1988 Porsche
D Stammers 1988 Mercedes
C Cornish 1988 Mercedes
M & M Bennett 1988 Volvo
T Overson 1989 Fiat
R Davies 1995 Jaguar
R Bendall 2000 Bentley
B Gaskins 2000 TVR
B Phipps 2001 MG
I McCreary tbc
B Cunnington tbc

We look forward to seeing you in July.

Adrian Cunnington, Mark Banham and the event organising team.

Page updated on 19 June 2017

Our 39th Annual Classic Car Rally, kindly sponsored by Anglia Car Auctions, took place on 3 July 2016.
Car of the Day – #17 Tony Longmate (1957 Jaguar XK140)
Best Dressed Crew – #11 Alan & Linda Gidley (1953 Riley RMF)
Class Winners:
Vintage & PVT – #1 Terry Cook (1930 Austin 12 Heavy)
Historic Classic – #12 Steve Kinch (1953 Riley RMF)
Post-Historic Classic – #41 Maurice Lyon (1968 Triumph TR5)
Modern Classic – #71 Philip Connor (1980 Triumph TR8)

April clubnight results

Thank you to all the crews and marshals who attended my event; I hope you found it an enjoyable but challenging evening. I have reviewed the results and taken into account the error in the handout between TC2 and TC3. This has resulted in a change in the final standings which are as follows:

1st O/A 1st Exp – John Peterson & David Smalley – 0F 13M
2nd O/A 2nd Exp – Bob Baker & Brian Cammack – 1F 9M
3rd O/A 3rd Exp – Nigel Mann & Ian Pollard – 1F 16M
4th O/A 4th Exp – Robert Aldous & David Mann – 4F 29M
5th O/A 5th Exp – Paul Smalley & Matthew Smalley – 5F 9M
6th O/A 6th Exp – David Bell & Ian Doble – 8F 24M
7th O/A 1st Semi – Rob Kitchen & Jonathan Stimpson – 5F 27M
8th O/A 2nd Semi – Marc Sheffield & Shaun Hannon – 17F 30M
9th O/A 1st Nov – Neil Kerry & Rob Palmer – 9F 31M
10 O/A 1st Beg – Richard Felton & Danny Wheatley – 0F 9M
11 O/A 2nd Beg – Mick Beauchamp & Len Fletcher – 1F 4M

Thanks again to all the marshals and well done to Peter Mears who won the marshals’ draw.

Ed Haylock.

Stag Night Rally Results

Many thanks to all the Marshals; we wouldn’t be able to run these events without the fantastic support that we receive from you.

Nick Way PC.A and TC6
*Simon Leonard TC1 and TC7* Winner of marshals Draw.
Dave Sooley PC.B and TC8
Andy Congreve TC2 & TC8
Colin Shinkins TC4
Len Fletcher TC5
Peter and Spencer Horsburgh Sign on and DSO
Chris Iles – Course opener and Finish Control

Results are as follows:
1st Robert Aldous and David Mann 0F 17m
2nd Ed Haylock and Paul Haylock 0F 20m
3rd June Pollard and Mathew Smalley 0F 21m
4th Bob Baker and Brian Cammack 1F 0m
5th Nigel Mann and Adrian Cunnington 1F 5m

1st Semi Expert Jon Simper and Gary Zoller 1F 23m
2nd Semi Expert Rob Kitchen and Jonathan Stimpson 2F 23m
3rd Semi Expert Marc Sheffield and Shaun Hannon 4f 28m

1st Novice Neil Kerry and Rob Palmer 8f 26m

1st Beginner Richard Felton and Danny Wheatley 0F 3m
2nd Beginner Mark Banham and Tim Banham 0F 7m
3rd Beginner Mick Beauchamp and Gill Beauchamp 2F 22m

Please see the attached excel spreadsheet for results breakdown
If anyone requires grid references for missed boards please email David
Many thanks
Paul and David Smalley


Docking Stocking 12 Car rally results

1= Car 3 John Peterson/David Smalley 0F 0m
Car 4 Bob Baker/Brian Cammack 0F 0m
3 Car 2 Ed Haylock/Paul Haylock 0F 8m
4 Car 5 Paul Smalley/Mathew Smalley 0F 8m*
5 Car 1 Rob Aldhous/David Mann 0F 11m
6 Car 6 June Pollard/Ian Pollard 1F 2m

Semi Experts
7 Car 12 Rob Kitchen/Gary Zoller 0F 1m
Car 7 Marc Sheffield/Shaun Hannon RETIRED

8 Car 10 Mick Beauchamp/Gill Beauchamp 0F 0m
9 Car 8 Mark Banham/Tim Banham 0F 3m
10 Car 9 Richard Felton/Danny Wheatley 7F 0m
Car 11 Peter Rose/Laurence Rose RETIRED

* tie decided on furthest cleanest

Thanks again and have a great Xmas and New Year,

Peter, Adrian, Derek and Spencer

The Great Oktober Rally Results


1st Bob Baker / Brian Cammack EX       0F 2 M

2nd Nigel Mann / Adrian Cunnington EX 0F 11 M

3rd John Peterson / David Smalley EX       0F 12 M

4th June Pollard / Ian Pollard EX               1F 14 M

5th Robert Aldous / David Mann  EX          2F 8 M

6th Paul Smalley / Matthew Smalley EX      3E 17 M


7th Rob Kitchen / Jonathan Stimpson Semi Ex 0F 10 M

8th Marc Sheffield Shaun Hannon Semi Ex      5F 25 M


9th Neil Kerry / Rob Palmer Novice    17F 12 M


10th Richard Felton / Danny Wheatley  Beg.   2F 7M

11th Mick Beauchamp / Jill Beauchamp  Beg.  3E 13M

12th Lawrence Rose / Peter Rose  Beg.  4F 20M


Many thanks to the Runcton Holme Social Club for once again hosting the event and providing the refreshments afterwards. Also to our good friends at Wilson and Betts Estate Agents for sponsoring the rally.

Congratulations to the class winners and to all crews who entered the rally. It seems from the  comments Mark and I received everyone enjoyed the route.

Many many thanks to our team of experienced marshals who made the event work like clockwork, your importance cannot be over stated.

Congratulations to Bob and Brian on winning the rally dropping only two minutes! well done.


Mark and Paul.