February Clubnight Results

12th February: 12 Car

Organised by Mick Beauchamp & Len Fletcher

1st John Peterson / David Smalley 0 fails 0 mins
2nd Paul Smalley / Matthew Smalley 0 fails 1 min
3rd Rob Kitchen / Jonathan Stimpson 0 fails 3 mins
4th Edward Haylock / Paul Haylock 0 fails 4 mins
5th Paul Brunton / David Mann 0 fails 11 mins
6th June Pollard / Ian Pollard 1 fail 8 mins

RET Marc Sheffield / Shaun Hannon

1st Neil Peterson / Will Brown 0 fails 1 min
2nd Ben Cutting / Gary Zoller 1 fail 12 mins

1st Rob Palmer / Ben Jones 0 fails 2 mins

1st Neil Kerry / Michael Toher 3 fails 0 mins

Detailed results: Feb-Clubnight-Results-Grid-2020

January clubnight results

15th January: 12 Car

Organised by Paul and Mathew Smalley

1st Ed Haylock / Paul Haylock 5 fails 18 mins
2nd Marc Sheffield / Shaun Hannon 6 fails 31 mins
3rd Rob Kitchen / Jonathan Stimpson 7 fails 30 mins
RET Mark Peterson / David Smalley

1st Jonathan Simper / Gary Zoller 2 fails 29 mins
2nd June Pollard / Dave Pollard 21 fails 37 mins

1st Mick Beauchamp / Mark Banham 2 fails 9 mins
2nd Rob Palmer / Ben Jones 5 fails 14 mins

1st Daisy Hannon / Max Simpson 1 fail 12 mins
2nd Megan Way / Nick Way 8 fails 29 mins

Detailed results: Stag Night Results Grid 2020

2019 Championships Summary

2019 Championships Summary

Clubnight Overall Championship
Paul Haylock 117pts

12 Car Expert Driver/Navigator
Paul Smalley / Matthew Smalley 80pts

12 Car Semi Expert
Harvey Steele / Martin Pitt 12pts

12 Car Novice Driver
Mick Beauchamp 46pts (3 wins)

12 Car Novice Navigator
Diane Mantle 46pts

Clubnight Overall Ladies Championship
June Pollard / Diane Mantle 52pts

Stage Driver (Best 6 count)
Steve Tilburn 140pts

Stage Navigator (Best 6 count)
Jack Tilburn 140pts

Marshals Championship
Dave Pollard 24pts

Outside On Road Champ
Marc Sheffield / Shaun Hannon 50pts

Club night off road
Paul Haylock 34pts

All Clubnight Championships
1st Place – 12pts to 12th Place – 1pt
(Organiser awarded 2nd place points for organising – 11pts)
Out of 8 12 Car events the best 7 results count
Out of 4 Off-road events all scores count

Outside Club Events & Stages Rally Championships
1st Place – 25pts to 19th Place – 7pts
(Any places lower than 25th including any DNFs, 7pts are awarded for representing the club.)
Only the best 6 results of all events entered count. In the case of a tie then the next best result is taken.
For outside club events points can only be awarded if you are not a member of the organising club.

Marshals Championship
1pt awarded for every event attended and signed on as a Marshal or Official.


Submit results to – David Pollard Championship Secretary

State who you are, the event, date and your class result along with any other KLDMC member competing with you, e.g. navigator.

See pdf summary for more full details

RS Clubman Licence

All competitors (and some passengers) need to hold a new RS Clubman licence as a minimum from 2020, in order to compete in a Motorsport UK permitted event.

This licence is free of charge and also entitles you to Motorsport UK’s comprehensive member benefits package.

The application form is now available here.

RS Clubman Licence

From January 2020, Motorsport UK will be introducing a requirement for ALL COMPETITORS in Motorsport UK permitted events to hold a Motorsport UK competition licence this is in addition to your club membership. This will be at a minimum, a new RS Clubman licence. This applies to new competitors as well as to anyone previously competing solely with a club membership card. The good news is that this entry-level, RS Clubman licence, will now be free.

This initiative is being introduced by Motorsport UK to encourage participation at grass roots level as well as to ensure that all competitors are covered by comprehensive public liability and personal accident insurance. It replaces the Non-Race Clubman licence, (which in 2019 cost £29). All licence holders will have access to the Member Benefits Programme which provides substantial discounts on well-known brands, products, services, and can contribute to offsetting the cost of competing.

If you have not previously held a Competition licence or not renewed in 2019, it will also be a requirement to apply for a new RS Clubman licence in order to compete or be a passenger in Club events. This is free of charge and applicable to Autotests, Trials, Cross Country and Road Rallying including 12 Cars and Scatters.

Please note: an RS Clubman licence will not required if you plan to renew your current 2019 Competition licence.

You can apply for an RS Clubman licence from the Motorsport UK website from 18 November 2019.

The other major change is that the cost of event permits has been increased to cover the increased cost of insurance for events and provide additional income for our governing body. An across the board increase of £5.00 has been applied to permits, the Club will have no option but to add the sum to all event entry fees from January 2020.

November Clubnight Results

6th November: 12 Car

Firstly, I would like to thank our marshals for their hard work Wednesday , we were low on numbers and quite a way out ! But a great job was done thank you
A big thank you to Adrian for checking the nav , especially with the problems with emails and going on holiday !
And thank you to the competitors there were a couple of errors and I must apologise for that , I have answered questions and queries and have checked over it all again , this has changed the provisional results announced on Wednesday . These results will remain provisional until Wednesday evening if there are any further questions /queries plz contact me the results become final 7pm Wednesday .
1st John Peterson / David Smalley 1 fail 11 mins
2nd Dave pollard / Ian pollard 1 fail 21 mins
3rd Paul Smalley / Mathew Smalley 1 fail 22 mins
4th Ed Haylock / Paul Haylock 2 fails 18 mins
5th Rob Kitchen / Jonathan Stimpson 3 fails 29 mins
1st Mick Beauchamp / Mark Banham 0 fails 6 mins
2nd Mark Peterson / Alan Coombs 0 fails 24 mins
3rd Jon Simper / Gary Collet 2 fails 13 mins
4th Rob Palmer / Ben Jones 4 fails 28 mins
1st Neil Kerry / James Morgan 1 fail 1 min
2nd Ben Cutting / Jason Maskell 1 fail 18 mins
Thank you all again
Marc and Shaun

Classic Car Run: 2020 date announced

43rd King’s Lynn & DMC Annual Classic Car Rally

The provisional date of this event is Sunday 19th July 2020. Please save the date in your diaries. More information will be released in the New Year.

42nd King’s Lynn & DMC Annual Classic Car Rally
The 2019 Rally raised approximately £1000 in aid of the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS). We were very grateful for the continued sponsorship of Anglia Car Auctions plus additional support from Bennett & Co. Estate Agents, Steve Cato Classic Cars & Restoration, Bearts of Stowbridge & Hylton Gott Volvo & Isuzu.

Award winners:
CAR OF THE DAY Graham Dale Jaguar XK 150
Vintage/PVT Terry Sprosson Ford Model A
Historic Classic Duncan Russell Triumph TR4
Post-Historic Classic Tony Wales Lotus Elan
Modern Classic Jody Wilson BMW E30 M3

We look forward to seeing you again in 2020.
The KLDMC team
Page last updated on 14 October 2019


Curry Night

Mathew Smalley is organising a curry night on Wednesday 16th October at Voujon in Kings Lynn

There are already enough people coming to mean the meal can go ahead, but the more the merrier! So if anyone wants to come then let him know by email

From looking at their menu their banquet meal is currently priced at £12.95 and we will be looking to meet around 7.30-8pm