Organiser’s Resources

This page is place to provide documents and resources for club members organising events.

Rally Organising Notes
Navigation Guidelines
12 Car Regs
Timecard Blank Novice Beginner
Timecard Blank Expert Semi-Expert

Gymkhana Timecard & Rules

KLDMC Expenses Form

Motorsport UK Resource Centre

Under the Filters on the Motorsport UK Resource Centre page the latest version of the following files can be downloaded:

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Online Permit Application & Payment Notes
Organising Permit Application Form

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Signing-On Declaration
Signing-On Declaration:Competitor
Signing-On Declaration:Officials
Signing-On Declaration:Officials U18
Signing-On Declaration:RS Clubman

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Yearbook 2021 (aka Blue Book)
Yearbook 2021 Errata
Yearbook 2020 (aka Blue Book)
Yearbook 2020 Errata
Yearbook 2019 (aka Blue Book)
Yearbook 2018 (aka Blue Book)

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2021 Per Capita Fees
2020 Per Capita Fees