Organiser’s Resources

This page is place to provide documents and resources for club members organising events.

Rally Organising Guide (doc 17-Jun-21)
Rally Organising Guide (pdf 17-Jun-21)
Rally Organising Check List (xls 17-Jun-21)
Rally Organising Check List (pdf 17-Jun-21)
Navigation Guidelines
12 Car Regs
Timecard Blank Novice Beginner (xls 25-Jun-12)
Timecard Blank Expert Semi-Expert (xls 25-Jun-12)

Gymkhana Timecard & Rules

KLDMC Expenses Form (doc 08-Nov-21)
KLDMC Expenses Form (pdf 08-Nov-21)

Motorsport UK Resource Centre

Under the Filters on the Motorsport UK Resource Centre page the latest version of the following files can be downloaded:

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Online Permit Application & Payment Notes
Organising Permit Application Form

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Signing-On Declaration
Signing-On Declaration:Competitor
Signing-On Declaration:Officials
Signing-On Declaration:Officials U18
Signing-On Declaration:RS Clubman

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Yearbook 2021 (aka Blue Book)
Yearbook 2021 Errata
Yearbook 2020 (aka Blue Book)
Yearbook 2020 Errata
Yearbook 2019 (aka Blue Book)
Yearbook 2018 (aka Blue Book)

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2021 Per Capita Fees
2020 Per Capita Fees