12 Car Rallies

Our 12 car rallies run on a monthly basis, usually on the first Wednesday of any month between September and April.

12 car rallies are ideal for starting out in any kind of rallying – they are limited to 12 cars and just about any car can take part. You do not need special equipment to take part in road events, just the relevant map, a map magnifying glass and a map light.

If you want to be a driver you will need to have a full driving licence and be at least 17 years of age but you can compete as a navigator from as young as 12.

All you need is a taxed and insured road car with a valid MOT certificate.

Our recommendation is that you have a look on the Events page for the next 12 car and come along to marshal. Just give the event organiser a call or contact a Committee member. That way you will get to meet a few people and see what it’s all about before you venture out on an event!