Shortshift March 12car rally results

Copy of Short Shift Results

It was good to see so many crews and marshals; your support is much appreciated and makes the effort worthwhile.

The marshals were as follows:

Ferne Horsburgh                              Competitors Sign-On

Janet Smalley                                    Competitors Sign-On

Andy Congreve                 Marshals Sign-On and TC.7

Dick Archer                                         MTC.1, Judge of Fact and Closing Course Car

Tim Ball                                                MTC.1, Judge of Fact and Closing Course Car

Simon Leonard                 MPC.A and TC.8

Bob Offer                                            MPC.B and TC.9

Richard Felton                  MPC.B and TC.9

Dave Bowman                   TC.2 and MPC.E

Jody Wilson                                       TC.2 and MPC.E

Dave Pollard                                      MPC.C and TC.10

Steve Tillburn                                   MPC.D and TC.11

Jack Tillburn                                       MPC.D and TC.11

Paul Pollard                                       TC.3 and MPC.F

Colin Shinkins                   TC.4 and MPC.G

Elane Shinkins                  TC.4 and MPC.G

Viv Dominy                                        TC.5 and MPC.H

John Dominy                                     TC.5 and MPC.H

Jamie Duckhouse                            TC.6

Trevor   Bateson                               TC.6

Dave Sooley                                       TC.7

Bob Baker                                           MTC.12, Course Opener and other stuff!


Thank you All, regards, Brian.