Docking Rally Results

Docking Rally 2013 003Final Results Docking Rally 2013

Well done to Ed Haylock and Dave Smalley winning the Experts and Paul and Mathew Smalley winning the novices.


Great effort by the other 2 novice crews finishing well on a challenging route.


Apart from the errors in the instructions which are inexcusable we remain convinced that this is the type of rally we are used to organising , however it is clear that some crews,for good reason, do not like “whites” ,and some found the instructions too difficult (not helped by the errors).

So if the committee allow us to run an event next year ,there will be NO whites and the instructions will be simpler.We do listen and Learn!


In the confusion we did not do a marshal’s raffle but my wife has drawn a control out of the hat and the winner of £15 is TC6 Simon Leonard. Thanks to all the marshals for making it all work on the night.


Thanks to you all for an excellent entry of 9 crews this year, and Steve Tilburn of Hylton Gott for providing a welcome supper and staff at The Railway Inn at the finish.


Regards, Peter and Derek