Short Shift Rally

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It’s a sign of the times that we only had eight entries for what turned out to be the first round of the “On the Road Championship” but the turnout from club members in general cannot be faulted.


I am sure you can appreciate that I did not have control over the weather though I was most impressed with the way in which all of the crews and marshals coped.  In view of the conditions the “Time Limit” was extended to 45 minutes from TC.8 onwards.


Many thanks and well done to everyone who tuned out and commiserations to Carol & Bob who got as far as King’s Lynn before breaking down.  A great shame as we don’t often get a chance to play in the snow and get it recorded on film.  Thanks are also due to Andy & Laura who jeopardized their rally to assist Terry.


My band of helpers and marshals for the rally were as follows:


Competitors Sign-On & MTC.1                     Sheila Cammack

Handout checking & Manned P.C.                Terry Cammack

Course Opener & Handout checking              Bob Baker

Secretarial Assistant                                        Nikki Cammack

Course Closer                                                  Dick Archer & Tim Ball

TC.2 & Manned P.C.                                      Mike Seapey & Derek Stocks

TC.3 & Manned P.C.                                      Dave Bowman & Steve Tilburn

TC.4 & Manned P.C.                                      Jody Wilson & Harry Tilburn

TC.5                                                                Dave Pollard

TC.6                .                                               Colin Shinkins

TC.7                                                                Paul Pollard

TC.8 & Manned P.C.                                      John Dominy & Viv Dominy

Marshals Sign-On, TC.9 & Manned P.C.       Mike Baker & Trevor

TC.10 & Manned P.C.                                    Dave Sooley & Richard