Anglia Motor Sport Club

King’s Lynn & District Motor Club is one of the 11 member clubs that make up Anglia Motor Sport Club (AMSC). The club was founded in 2013 following discussions between Cambridge Car Club (CCC), Chelmsford Motor Club (CMC), Eastern Counties Motor Club (ECMC), Falcon Motor Club (FMC),  King’s Lynn & District Motor Club (KLDMC), Sporting Car Club of Norfolk (SCCoN) and West Suffolk Motorsport Club (WSMC). These were the seven founding members of the group.

In February 2014 Wickford Auto Club (WAC) joined the group.

In September 2016 Green Belt Motor Club (GBMC) and Middlesex County Automobile Club (MCAC) joined the group.

In July 2017 Herts County Auto and Aero Club (HCAAC) joined the group.

In May 2019 Harrow Car Club (HCC) joined the group.

The purpose in forming the group was to combat the decline of grass roots motor sport in East Anglia. All of the clubs involved were to a greater or lesser extent suffering from lack of competitors, organisers, and marshals for the events that they were running, and needed to pool resources in order to keep the events viable. At the time, the MSA had quite restrictive rules governing who could or could not be invited to club level events, and the idea of an umbrella club was formed as a survival mechanism that would allow us to remain compliant with the rules of the MSA.

AMSC has no individual members, just member clubs. The individual members of those clubs can take part in the club level events organised by the other member clubs.

AMSC also has a website, not the easiest to navigate, but there is a lot of information lurking, if you have a sense of adventure and like a challenge it can be found at Anglia Motor Sport Club.

Each of the member clubs has a representative sitting on the AMSC committee which meets bi-monthly.

Initially the AMSC was set up to allow a ‘regional championship’ to be run for AutoSOLO and Trials disciplines under a Clubmans permit. In 2014 a Targa championship was added. The MSA was not too keen on the idea of a ‘regional championship’ and as a result the championships were badged as Challenges. The Challenges were aimed at promoting cheap and cheerful grass roots motorsport.

Things have moved on somewhat as the AMSC now organises the Snetterton round of the Motor Sport News Circuit Rally Championship, a Single Venue Stage Rally at Wethersfield, a series of  12 Car Regularity Runs, a 20/20 Road Rally and a Targa Rally at Stanta Battleground as well as the 3 Challenges, a 6 round triple permit AutoSOLO Challenge, a 5 round Targa Rally Challenge and a 9 round Trials Challenge.

Events that may be of interest to KLDMC members running in 2020 are:

AMSC 2020 Calendar

Wed 01-Jan-20Seckford Hall TrialX
Sun 19-Jan-20Harlton TrialX
Tue 21-Jan-20Management Meeting
Sat 01-Feb-20Motorsport UK Training Day
Sun 09-Feb-20Holbecks Park TrialX
Sat 15-Feb-20Snetterton Stage Rally
Fri 06-Mar-20Mercury Trophy Inter-lub 12 Car
Tue 17-Mar-20Management Meeting
Sat 21-Mar-20Motorsport UK Training
Sun 22-Mar-20Wattisfield TrialX
Sun 29-Mar-19Wethersfield TargaX
Sun 19-Apr-20Ivinghoe Aston TrialX
Sun 19-Apr-20Debden AutoSOLOX
Sun 19-Apr-20Cambridge Car Club Classic Tour
Sat 26-Apr-20 - Sun 27-Apr-20Corbeau Seats Rally
Sun 10-May-20Eastern Counties Motor Club & West Suffolk Motorsport Club Classic Tour
Sun 17-May-20Wethersfield TargaX
Tue 19-May-20Management Meeting
Sun 07-Jun-20Wethersfield AutoSOLOX
Sun 14-Jun-20Falcon Motor Club Classic Tour
Sun 21-Jun-20Sporting Car Club of Norfolk Classic Tour
Sun 28-Jun-20Wethersfield TargaX
Sun 12-Jul-20Wethersfield AutoSOLOX
Sun 19-Jul-20King's Lynn & District Motor Club Classic Car Run
Tue 21-Jul-20Management Meeting
Sun 06-Sep-20Debden TargaX
Sun 13-Sep-20Wethersfield Stage Rally
Tue 17-Sep-20Management Meeting
Sun 20-Sep-20Wethersfield AutoSOLOX
Sun 27-Sep-20Stanta AutoSOLOX
Sun 18-Oct-20Debden AutoSOLOX
Sun 01-Nov-20Wethersfield TargaX